The Original El Torito Tex Mex establish in 1987 by Adrian and Marie Stolk...

Throughout the 14 years the lovely couple had four burritos of their own making this a family owned and operated business highly regarded as the best Mex on the Northern Beaches. Frequented by the likes of surfer Kelly Slater, actor Julian McMahon and The Hoff, (Ok we made that Hoff bit up). The restaurant has been a much loved dinner and spot for local gringos for as long as we've been serving chimichangas.

After changing hands a few times the restaurant is now back in the skilled hands of the poncho wearing, Tequila drinking Stolk family once again!

Get your sombreros ready Amigos, this is gonna be a wild ride...

Tex Mex Bar

Our bar for all your dinking needs. From tequila to coronas.

Tex Mex Room

Our dining area complete with our collection of Mexican souvenirs and posters.